Transform your life.

I work primarily with people that are:


  • Seeking or going through a big life transition such as a career change, getting a divorce or out of a long-term relationship, kids are leaving the house, etc. and want to re-invent their health and life. 


  • Wanting a body transformation – whether you are wanting to lose weight naturally without having to go on another diet, or are dealing with a chronic health ailment and desire to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


  • Feeling like their life has hit a plateau, have lost their direction or aren’t connected to their true self anymore and want to find fulfillment, health and happiness.  


My job is to get you connected to what you really want, and then we come up with a step by step plan to get you there. 


My work is for people that are looking to dive deep within themselves and make bold moves in their life.  


They are sick of feeling like they are stuck in the same place, they know they want more, and just don’t have the tools or support to get themselves there.  





The best way for us to see if my programs would be a good fit for you, would be to apply for a complimentary Health Assessment. 

Words of appreciation.

"I lost 18.9 pounds and 7.2% body fat in the 6 months from this program"


My biggest takeaways from my work with Jackie was weight-loss, healthy eating and self-love.  I lost 35 lbs and never once felt like I was on a diet.  I now choose to eat healthy, I exercise regularly and I love my new lifestyle. Meal planning and prepping has become a regular thing and comes easily to me. The personal commitment from Jackie ensuring I was educated and empowered each week was a highlight for me. The one on one coaching was genuine, caring and passionate.  The goals I met in this program were the most fulfilling personal accomplishment I have had in my life. 


“One of my first goals was to move to Kelowna. I didn’t see access to having this happen. 3 months later I am now moving to Kelowna, I have an income lined up and I am ready to go! I did not expect I could create what I wanted, and then to achieve it so easily using the tools in this program”