When I started the Program, I felt scattered and thought the goals I was writing down were far too insane and farfetched to achieve. I wasn’t in the head space to think about opportunity at the time, and would look at what I wanted and laugh, “Maybe one day, but...” Life Coaching helped me ask questions I never thought to ask myself, and allowed me to step into the world of possibility.


The biggest thing I liked about coaching was having my coach be able to break down and compartmentalize ideas that seem out of reach, and having someone there to make it more manageable and less jumbled. Jackie challenged me to focus on parts of my life that I didn’t know I would, which led me to become happier in the fact that I’m not in this alone; she just knows how to bring things out in people.


One of my first goals was to create a plan to move to Kelowna. At first I didn’t see access and

never thought it would be possible, as my life and job are based in Vancouver.  I am now moving to Kelowna in January and I have income lined up and ready to go when I arrive. I did not expect I could do that by simply creating what I want and then it unfolding in front of me.


Another big goal was to work on being more calm. I used to let my anger get the better of me and wouldn’t care in the moment about acting out, but later always felt regret and frustration with how the situation was handled. Through coaching I am now able to recognize when I am escalating, and can take a moment to consider whether I want to react or not. There never used to be a choice -- by the time I realized I needed to calm down, it would already be too late. Now, I find it easier to let go and not let others negatively affect my mood. I feel calmer inside and am able to focus on things I can control and focus on what makes me happy.


Engaging in Nutrition was another big task for me. I had a habit of binging on food in the evenings – I am talking 3 huge plates full of food -- and would still end up hungry. Through holistic nutrition I have learned to set up my meals so by dinnertime I am not over-hungry and can be satisfied from regular portions. I never thought I would find freedom from this cycle, but I can now properly balance my blood sugar and manage at dinnertime.


A friend recently said to me he has never seen me so happy, upbeat and positive as he has in the last few months. I never realized I wasn’t happy before, but I can now see that I am in a way better headspace overall. I would recommend this program to anyone that is overwhelmed with life; the program itself is not overwhelming and you can break things down into attainable steps and discover better ways of handling it. Until now I never saw how the little things impacted my life in such a big way, and now I have put it all down on paper, worked on one thing at a time and before I knew it they have all happened for me.



Last year if you had asked me where I thought I’d be mentally, physically and emotionally in the next year, I don’t think I could have even imagined where I’d eventually end up. I always had that voice in the back of my head telling me ‘You’ll turn things around next week’ or ‘you’ll start eating healthy and exercising at the beginning of next month’. I had all these goals, but the timing just kept being pushed back; life happened, and next month turned into next year which eventually turned into never. That is until I took the initiative and started working with Jackie, I can honestly say that she has completely transformed my lifestyle.


Life coaching really expanded my way of thinking and provided me with so many more opportunities than I could have ever produced by myself. Jackie helped me outline my goals in a way that made them see so much more attainable. She was fully committed to making sure that I felt empowered and educated in every aspect of my life. This was not just a weight loss journey or some diet plan, this was a brand-new life journey. 


The first goal we took on was my diet, I often used to eat whatever seemed to be the easiest to prepare or whatever was on sale at the store. I never really paid attention to eating a balanced diet, like many of us I was under the impression that healthy eating was expensive, time-consuming and unattainable for the average person. Jackie introduced me to healthy eating and even showed me how to budget for groceries and consistently meal prep all while still maintaining a balanced diet, something that used to seem nearly impossible. I finally had to address how food made me feel, a lot of us intertwine our emotions with eating; we often feel shame when we “cheat” on our diets and then fall into a pattern of eating out of sadness, boredom, etc. I had to learn that food is not shameful, that this lifestyle was not a diet and that food is necessary to nourish our bodies, when you start eating food that nourishes you your body starts to feel alive and capable.


The next challenge was exercise. The most exercise I had consistently done was taking the occasional walk, the gym was intimidating and can be hard to navigate without guidance. Jackie helped me every step of the way and now I regularly exercise and participate in fitness classes. Incorporating exercise and healthy eating into my lifestyle resulted in changes I couldn’t have dreamed of. The weight loss really began to hit me when I had to start giving away my clothes because they were so big on me, it was such an invigorating feeling. All the hard work and belief I had in myself was finally starting to pay off and there I was, 35 pounds lighter! 


The most miraculous change so far has been my health. The random pains I would feel all over my body have dissipated, the fogginess in my memory has cleared up, my acid reflux has disappeared and I’m no longer on meds, and my eyesight has even improved so much I had to get new glasses! It’s truly amazing how much these simple lifestyle changes can really improve parts of your life that seem so unrelated. You don’t realize how important and vital health is to your happiness until you start to lose it. 


I cannot thank Jackie enough for the genuine, caring and passionate one on one coaching she has provided for me. My mental, physical, and emotional state has improved ten-fold and the goal I achieved in this program has to be one of the most fulfilling personal accomplishments I’ve ever had in my life.



I lost 18.9 pounds and 7.2 percent body fat from this program.  After six months I see the benefits materializing before me in my day-to-day life. Getting an aerial view of all aspects of my life has been eye-opening and allowed me to identify the areas that would benefit from change. I now feel as though I have the powerful choice to be able to distinguish the past from the present and create something new for myself.


Throughout the Program, I was able to develop a personal problem-solving methodology. I gained the skills to break things down with a way to overcome barriers and achieve my goals; I am now in action and going after what I want, creating a new future of connection in both my professional career and dating life. I realized that I am capable of actively building a career that I love, and am now working towards opening my own business.


My new problem-solving skills do not just stop at my career, but also in how I interact with others and myself. Identifying my thought patterns has made me aware of negative thoughts and I am now able to gain control of them quickly, which has made me less reactive. I find I am better at listening, am more comfortable around people and can hold free-flowing conversations.


Another major component of my life that we tackled was nutrition. Before starting the program I thought that seeing a nutritionist would be restrictive and that I would have to give up everything I love -- I quickly realized this was not the case. The program sparked a new interest in cooking at home for me, and I am so far enjoying my creativity in the kitchen! I am now mostly eating at home, am better at grocery shopping, better at making good choices at restaurants, reading nutrition labels and have the knowledge and education to feel confident in my choices.


At the start I felt as though I was at a plateau in my fitness and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I used to struggle through classes, but now I find I can push myself harder and need less time to recover in between sessions. I now have the knowledge on proper form, better posture and am confident in my fitness abilities. 


Overall I saw many changes in my life after partaking in the Whole Life Program. I feel Fit, confident, mindful and connected. It has been a tough but rewarding journey and I look forward to using the skills I learned in the future. 



I was surprised that this program was much more than nutrition.  We got to the root of my issues that were stopping me from reaching my goals.   Also, Jackie explained how foods can help and hurt my medical conditions.  I had no idea the degree that nutrition, or in my case the lack of nutrition, had on my body.  She also gave me ideas for cooking and leftover that make preparing meals easier for me.  I would definitely recommend this to everyone!



I am so much more confident with the staples in my kitchen and feel better than ever before.  No more bloating despite eating ‘healthy’.

Rocks on Coast


One of my biggest takeaways was realizing how capable I am at implementing positive change in my life. It wasn’t as difficult or stressful as I can sometimes tend to chalk it up to me. Having the structure of creating a weekly plan, and a focus for a way I wanted to feel at the end of it helped me stay focused.



Each week had a real and powerful moment for me.  I got so much more out of each topic than I ever thought I would.



All in all this was a really cool course, the likes of which I haven’t really seen before.  The growth potential for the participants and the model of the program is huge.  It’s really exciting to get to see the holistic approach (I think that is the real key).  It was a good launching point for my own personal journey.  Thanks for creating space for this!



My view on nutrition has changed into a positive one.  I always thought that seeing a nutritionist would be restrictive and I would have to give up everything I love.  Now that I have learnt so much on nutrition my view on food has changed and is easy and a preference



I am now aware of my thoughts and able to get a hold of them before they get out of control – this used to happen really fast.  I can take a step back and not react right away anymore which feels great!



Life Coaching was a game-changer for me; once a week we would meet to discuss and understand certain aspects of my life through exercises journaling to trying new forms of communicating with those I interact with. Issues in my life became more like challenges than restrictions, and my confidence grew exponentially through each meeting.



I started a new meditation regimen that proved to be an extremely valuable asset in my overall health. I became in tune with my body and mind through personalized breathing techniques and mantras, which in turn gave me new ability to stay calm and collected in stressful situations.



Three months later I am confident with everything I have learned in the program. I found a dream job and I was confident enough to go after it. I figured out to communicate better with my partner, with my family and everyone around me. I believe in myself more. I'm comfortable in social settings. There's so many things that I can check off of the list.