• Jackie Lede

Why a multi-layered approach to your health is crucial for success

If you are one of those people that feel like they have tried

everything under the sun to make a difference with their health, you

are not alone. You got to wonder, why is it so hard for people to

achieve good health? I remember back when I was really struggling to

make improvements with my health, I was trapped in the world of

dieting. All the messages would be swirling in my head, and each

month I would end up in the same spot, trying to decide what the next

version of dieting and exercise I would try.

Let me ask you this, does nutrition + fitness = health to you? If you

were to sit down and really think about all the elements that make up

health, would that be the equation?

Let’s really look at this for a minute, because time and time again,

when people want to make improvements to their health they

automatically think, well it’s time I start eating better and get back

to the gym. Yes, those elements are incredibly important, but if you

want to actually achieve good health long term, wouldn’t you need to

look at every element that makes up health, not just two of them?

Here is a really good example of this. I remember back to this one

time when I finally hit my goal weight. I had this idea that once I

got there and I fit into my favourite pair of jeans and I was feeling

strong, that I would be happy and I would finally be able to just

settle with where I was at.

What happened was I got there, but I wasn’t happy or satisfied. I

didn’t get the feeling that now I was able to focus my energy on

something else because I finally reached my goals. I didn’t realize at

the time that there were so many elements missing from what I thought

health was, and therefore I didn’t take into consideration everything

I needed in order to be healthy.

This was the reason I expanded my education beyond kinesiology,

personal training and holistic nutrition. There was still something

missing for me, and I was determined to expand and look at what it

meant to be healthy, and what is actually needed in order to achieve

optimal health and well-being.

You might be thinking now, well if exercise and nutrition are not the

only elements that make up health, then what are the others? That’s a

great question, and to be honest, it is going to look a bit different

for each person. If you are curious about what health might actually

look like for you, I created a Multidimensional Health Assessment that

will show you. Because my approach is unique from other coaches out

there, I do this assessment at no cost, and I promise you will leave

with a ton of value and know exactly what elements make up your

individual fingerprint of health.

This Assessment is not for you if:

· You are looking for quick fixes

· You are only interested in looking at one element of your

health, for example, your nutrition

· You are not ready to dive deep on all the elements that block

you from reaching your goals

· You are not open-minded to a new way of doing things

This Assessment is for you if:

· You are tired of defining your health by one singular factor,

for example, your waistline.

· You want to be clear on the unique formula that makes up your health

· You want to understand why the approaches you have been taking

for so long don’t work, and you are ready to focus on the long game

· You are ready to create a loving and nourishing relationship to

yourself, your body and to food

If this sounds like you, click here to book your Multidimensional Health Assessment.

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