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What Does “Self-care” Mean?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Steps for self-care.

Ever ask yourself what you are doing for your 'self-care' routine? Everyone has their own special recipe for replenishment – here are a few of our favourites on how you can be good to yourself on a regular basis:

Sleep: Adults should strive for 7-8 hours of sleep a night to stay healthy and energetic. Pro tip: sleep in a room that is completely dark or wear an eye mask – even with your eyes closed, even a small amount of light in the room can disrupt melatonin production, keeping you from a deep sleep and waking you prematurely.

Meditate: Ideally, take at least 5 minutes to meditate each day. (Often this is easiest to do at the beginning or end of the day.) If you really are pressed for time, simply punctuate your day with a mini-meditation: one minute of awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations; one minute of focused attention on breathing; and one minute of whole body awareness. This tools are great for moments of high stress during your day.

Journal: Jotting down thoughts can be very relaxing and can allow us to process them differently than when we simply ‘think things through’. It can even enhance our ability to problem-solve, so if you’re stuck on a decision, try writing about it.

Rewards: We all have ways we reward ourselves for jobs well done; this could be a trip to the spa, a walk by the seaside, a shopping spree. Be good to yourself and allow yourself to pat you on the back every now and then for all your hard work!

Nourishing food: Take in whole, nutritious foods to ensure steady energy levels, optimal digestion and promote good mood. The gut, known as our ‘second brain’, creates over 90% of the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin, a process that is affected by the food we eat.

Switch off: Turn everything to 'air plane mode' and free yourself from the constant buzzes of social media and email, even for just an hour everyday, and ideally an hour before bed.

Take Breaks: Breaks in the day, whether it’s a workday or a weekend, are important. Take a few minutes – or take a vacation! – to relax and reset between things. Step outside and get some Vitamin D! (See our previous Blog post for the benefits of doing this.)

Goof around: Schedule in five minutes of “play” (non-directed activity) several times throughout your day. Release that inner child!

Take a recovery class: Rejuvenate your hard-working body by engaging in gentle activities, such as yoga and stretching.

Self care is very individual for every person, so coming up with your own routines and rituals is best. Take some time for yourself every day, or every couple day, remember the small things add up to BIG things.

So, how will you nourish yourself so you can feel and be your best?

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