• Jackie Lede

The real problem why the diets you're trying, aren't working

I say no more to diet culture, how about you?

My friend reached out to me the other day and declared that she is going to lose 15 pounds and has a plan to get there. She wanted me to look over it to see what my thoughts were, as she knew that sustainable weight loss is one of the areas of nutrition and health coaching that I specialize in.

The first thing I noticed when she sent it over was the breakdown of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins she was going to count each day. She declared that there would be no desserts and that she was going to work out 6 days per week.

I thought about what to write back. Part of me thought, well I am sure this will get her to the goal weight that she wants if she is able to stick with it. Then the other part of me knew this was a recipe for another yo-yo diet that I have seen her go on time and time again, losing the weight and then shortly gaining it back.

See, the problem with dieting isn’t the food itself. Yes, we can go eat x amount of each macronutrient and count our calories each day to stay within our window, but the problem really isn’t the food. We all essentially know how to eat healthy food, how to exercise, how to portion control… we just can’t seem to sustain it.

So what is the real problem then?

The real problem is HOW we go about dieting and losing weight.

It is our mindset.

It is the behaviours we have around food.

It is the way we feel about food, our bodies and ourselves.

It is our deeply engrained values and beliefs that control all of our actions no matter how much we try to “be good”. Our brain has already made the decision whether you will succeed or not.

It is the diet culture that we grow up in that tells us in order to be healthy and lose weight, we need to try this fad diet, or that one.

It is the all or nothing mentality, the restriction, the shame and guilt that we feel when we “cave in”.

It is the experts that claim to us that in order to lose weight we need to do something extreme, take this magic pill or cut out an entire food group.

It is our culture that lacks proper education on how to properly take care of and feed ourselves.

It is the family system that no longer has time to cook and pass down generations of wisdom about food, gardening, preparation, and the importance of being present with your meals.

It is the billboards and magazines that tell us we need to look a certain way in order to fit in. That fear that gets instilled in us and leads us to try extreme measures to look good.

It is our hormones that are unbalanced and control how much we eat, what kinds of food we crave, when we start and stop eating. No matter how much willpower you have – your hormones will win.

It is the emphasis on how much we have versus how good we feel and how well we take care of ourselves.

It is the grab and go mentality and the praise we get at work for not taking a break to sit down and have a meal before entering into the rest of our day.

It is the chemicals, hormones and all the crap our food system is riddled with that contributes to extreme food cravings, screws up our hormonal and digestive systems that play a crucial part in maintaining a healthy weight.

It is our lonely disconnected culture that turns to food when they are bored or sad or need to fill a void.

It is the mindless eating we do when we are multi-tasking and wanting to zone out from our day.

These are the real problems.

This is why diets fail.

No one is addressing the real problems that need to be considered when it comes to a healthy and long-term solution for sustainable weight management.

I am tired of hearing about people dieting. Not because I don’t want to listen, I actually find it so interesting and the nerd in me could read diet books all day long.

I am tired because of the physical strain I see people put their bodies through and the mental/emotional harm that takes place when I see people around me constantly dieting.

If YOU are sick and tired of dieting, I am here to tell you that I can say with confidence that there is another way. And no, it doesn’t have to be hard. And no, It doesn’t have to be stressful or unenjoyable.

If YOU are ready to say no more to diet culture, then I am here to show you how. Send me an email to info@thewholelifepractice.com.

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