• Jackie Lede

4 Non-Traditional Factors That Are Missing From Diets

When it comes to getting healthy and losing weight, most people come to me with lots of questions about food, dieting, and working out. I get a lot of the same questions over and over again – what ratios of macros should I eat, I don’t like the taste of healthy food, I can’t stop eating at night which sabotages my entire day, I am working out but I am not getting the results that I am looking for.

These are all legit concerns that people are having and questions they are seeking answers to and I have personally experienced the same struggles. What people are missing is that there isn’t one quick fix that is going to solve these problems for them. There isn’t a magic ratio of macros you can eat that will solve your dieting and health concerns.

As human beings, we are complex creatures, there is nothing simple about us. Looking for simple solutions to complex problems doesn’t work. Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.

Humans are complex beings and until we start looking at our whole system, we are not going to get the sustainable results we are looking for in our health.

Here are 4 (just a few of the things) that are overlooked with traditional dieting:

1. Education around how to eat properly – this is not something we learn growing up. I am not talking about going on a diet, I am talking about what it actually looks like to properly nourish ourselves with everything we need so that our body feels satisfied and is functioning optimally. This type of education will carry forward for the rest of our lives, and allow us to age gracefully.

2. Re-setting our taste buds – every 2-3 weeks our taste buds renew and there is an opportunity to create new connections to different types of food. When our buds are overstimulated with processed carbs, sugar, fat, and salt, it makes it hard to enjoy more simple healthier foods. These processed foods target the pleasure centers in our brain, the same centers that drugs stimulate, making them hard to give up.

3. Balancing out our hormones – this system is responsible for how hungry we are, how much fat we store, and if and when our brain tells us we are full. I can’t stress enough how important this system is when it comes to losing and sustaining a healthy weight. Your hormones will always win no matter what, so if you are experiencing food cravings, late-night hunger, storing fat around your midsection or your weight has become stubborn, you most likely have unbalanced hormones that need to be addressed. The good thing is that food and lifestyle practices alone can bring these systems back into balance.

4. Our thoughts and beliefs. Yup, this one is probably the most important because our thoughts directly control our actions, and our actions make up what our life looks like. Our thoughts and beliefs live in our subconscious brain so we are not even aware of them most of the time. In order to make long-term changes, we need to look at the area that controls everything we do. We need to first identify them, break them down, find their patterns, and then start to create new healthier thoughts and beliefs that support the new life we are seeking. Our thoughts, beliefs, and values need to be aligned with the new life we want for ourselves.

These are just a few of the non-traditional things that I include in my programs, and there are more. Over the last 10 years, I have looked at every area that holds a piece to the puzzle when it comes to health, dieting, and weight loss. And guess what, there is still the factor that not everything works for every person, so I personalize everything I do and teach people how to tune into their body so they know what is right for them, and what to leave behind.

How many months, years or decades have you been struggling with your body, weight, or health? The answers do not lie in the quick-fix diet industry that we have been bombarded with our whole lives. If it was, we would have got our results by now right?

It’s time we starting changing how we look at our health and realize that there are no quick fixes. If you want to know more about why what you have been trying isn't working, apply for a complimentary Health Audit Here.

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