THE           PRACTICE
Whole Life

The Whole Life Practice is a way of living.

It is the hard-fought methodology I use with my clients.  


The ‘whole life’ is born of my belief that in order for our goals to become our new reality, not just a temporary state, we need to look at every area of our life.


Not just the singular area of our life we’re focused on.


The word “practice” stands for the idea that there is no destination. 


I treat life like a practice, as a process of iteration instead of perfection, we can then more easily play and grow from our experiences. This makes our journey far more enjoyable and we end up getting much further along our path at the end of the day.


Life should be fun and not taken so seriously.  We’re doing the best we can, and wherever we happen to be along our journey is just perfect.  


My practice is based on four pillars of wellness: 


Fitness and Nutrition: The physical part of health


Life Coaching and Mindfulness: The mental/emotional part of health

Jackie McGregor
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia 

  • Certified Personal Trainer from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology 

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

  • Certified Life Coach from Erikson College 

  • Graduate of The Curriculum for Living from Landmark 

  • Introduction Leaders Program through Landmark

  • Being a Leader Completion from The Leader’s Circle (Harvard approved Leadership Program) 

  • Entrepreneur of 10 years




I’m Jackie.

As the founder of The Whole Life Practice, I have been working in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry for over 12-years.


The coaching offer is a combination of the tools and lessons I have embodied over my own health journey as well as years of working with my incredible clients.


There are few things that make me unique as a Health and Wellness Coach.


I am untraditional.


I don’t believe in diets because diets are temporary.


Instead, I teach you how to make life-long sustainable shifts to your relationship with food and your body. We fundamentally shift how you eat, exercise and take care of yourself on a much deeper than surface level.


My programs are no quick fix. They are a journey. 


One well worth taking.


That being said, I have not arrived at perfect health, and that is OK.


I struggle with my own health issues just like everyone else. I’m not superhuman nor have I found the holy grail of wellness. 


Because I’ve tried everything under the sun I have extensive knowledge around what works and what doesn’t. 


This long, and sometimes arduous road, has made me a far better coach. I completely understand the frustrating and often defeated feelings a long-standing struggle with weight or health can bring forward.


This journey has solidified my belief and understanding of the importance of our mental/emotional health, more so than our physical health – all our actions come from our subconscious beliefs and values, so if we don’t work on what we thinking (which happens every second of the day) and just work on exercise and nutrition, we aren’t going to get very far with our goals.  


I work with people who want to go deeper – I don’t work on the surface, so if you are looking for a quick fix, diet plan or if you don’t want to look at your baggage (and yes we all have it) then I am not the practitioner for you.  


I hold space for people to heal –  yes weight loss and any sort of physical thing you are working on, is a form of healing.  Everyone is comprised of layers just like an onion, I like to keep peeling them away, until we get you connected and inline with yourself and the life you want to live.  


I know the biggest barrier to people achieving their goals, is really believing (subconsciously too) it’s possible.  We are our biggest critics and self-sabotagers.


I am here to shake you up and make you realize that yes, what you envision for yourself, your deepest desires you don’t want to admit to anyone, sometimes even yourself, ARE POSSIBLE!   


If you want to know more about my own health journey and why I became a Health and Wellness Coach, click here. 

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